Hi WTT Families, 

Here are a few important reminders.

Parents and Masks: Parents MUST wear a mask on school property at all times.  Parents are not permitted inside the school building unless a prearranged appointment has been made and all Public Health screening questions can be conducted. 

WT Townshend Parking Lot: There is NO parking lot access.  Please encourage your son/daughter to walk to school independently where age-appropriateStudents should not be crossing Activa on their own. Encourage your son/daughter to use the crossing guard on Activa to secure everyone’s safety and develop good habits.

Late Arrival: If you will be LATE arriving at school, after the 8:40AM bell, you must call or email the attendance check prior to arriving at school to notify the office.  

wtt-attendance@wrdsb.ca  or  519-579-1160 x1

Students who are late must wait for a member of our administration team to receive them at the main door ONE AT A TIME.  Please follow Public Health regulations with social distancing and use the marked pavement while waiting patiently.  This will be the same procedure all year, regardless of inclement weather.

Inclement Weather: Students will not be permitted to enter the building before the morning bell due to weather.  Please have students come prepared in appropriate clothing for the weather.

Dismissal from School: Parents are not permitted to remove their child at the end of the day from classroom lines until 3:00PM.  When walking home from school, all parents and students are expected to walk on the sidewalk along the Ring Road.  Crossing through the parking lot is dangerous and prohibited. 

Appointments/Picking up Your child During the School Day: When possible, schedule appointments before or after school hours.  If students need to leave before 3:00PM for an appointment YOU MUST call or email WTT Attendance in advance.   wtt-attendance@wrdsb.ca  or  519-579-1160 x1 DO NOT CALL THE MAIN OFFICE.

These calls and emails will be timed stamped and saved as your signature to release your child early from school and must include the following:

  • Parent/Guardian full name
  • Child’s full name.
  • Reason for early dismissal
  • Time of pick up 
  • Name of the person picking up, if different from the parent or guardian.

The person picking will need to ring the office buzzer once they have arrived and wait patiently outside by the front door for the student to come out.

Lunch/Water Bottle Drop Off:  School lunch drop-offs are not permitted during the pandemic. Please make sure your son/daughter comes prepared with lunch and snacks each day. Students cannot share lunch items.

Boomerang Lunch: All organic waste brought to school by students for lunch/breaks will need to go home with students in reusable containers.

Toys/Activities at School:  Students are asked to keep all athletic equipment, games, and toys at home. Public health guidelines state these items should not be shared among students.