Grade 5/6 students in Kitchener were invited to participate in the My Ideal City contest to help them better understand the workings of municipal government, its purpose and impact on their community, and how they can be involved in this process.  Students were asked to think about the services they would like to see in their “Ideal City,” and then write a 250 word report about why they chose them.  Essays submitted were graded based on the creativity and persuasiveness of the ideas presented; the form and style of the composition; and of course, spelling.

On Monday, May 5th 7 students from WTT participated in a televised mock council meeting.  They were paired with a staff person or member of council to assist them in preparing for the meeting.  These young minds debated a community-related topic around the council horseshoe, learning what it is like to be an elected official responsible for decisions that shape our community.

Congratulations to the following students for winning and representing WTT at the mock council meeting: Nick Petrovic, Jasmine Van Mackelbur, Kiana Gooral,  Kyle Walsh-Tobin, Madison Lavigne, Meghan Butcher, and Kiyon Farokhi.

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