W.T. Townshend Public School is a primary-junior school with approximately 600 students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade Six. Students can enroll in either the English or French-Immersion stream.

We are proud to have our school named after William T. Townshend.  Bill Townshend was a man of integrity, a positive role model and a highly respected educator who valued all children. He could connect with people with a simple smile, a gentle nod, a look in his eye or a gesture.  He fought against injustice, cruelty, unkind remarks, dishonesty and discrimination.  Bill remained humble and grateful for his life.  He believed if you did your best, the best would come back to you.

It is our hope that the students who attend W.T. Townshend Public School will be proud of the name of our school and know that Mr. Townshend was a man of integrity & respect who valued education and children.

We have a dedicated staff whose goal it is to help our students develop “Roots” – to build a strong foundation in knowledge, skills and positive attitudes and to help them spread their “Wings” – to realize their highest potential in the five pillars of our school – “Teamwork, Respect, Academics, Independence and Leadership ~ TRAIL.”

Roots & Wings Tree

Principal:  Ms. Jill Colyer

Vice Principal:  Mr. Michael Snyder

Mascot:  TRACKS the Trailblazer