When: Monday, April 13th for Kindergarten to Grade 3

Tuesday, April 14th for Grades 4 to 6

Don’t forget to bring money to school! You will need a little money to purchase tickets for food samples. You may purchase food when you visit the Food Fair with your class. You will still need to bring your own Nutrition Break food to school with you.

Parents, we welcome any contributions of food to our fair.  If you have indicated on the pink form that you will be making food, please follow the instructions below (if you lost your pink form, please see the sign up sheet at the end of this notice):

  • please bring your food to the front of the gym between 8:15am and 9:15am
  • please precut the food (if appropriate) and consider sending in a serving utensil (labeled with your name)
  • please label your dish with your name, the name of the food and country of origin
  • Important! Please also include a list of ingredients  
  • at the end of each day, dishes may be picked up in the school’s front foyer
  • Please do not use any nuts

Volunteers– Thank you for volunteering to help with our Food Fair. Please arrive at school at 8:30 and meet in the front foyer of the school.

Junior students are encouraged to bring a non-breakable bowl and plastic spoon with which to enjoy their food samples.

We thank you for participating in our Multicultural Food Fair and appreciate your efforts in providing food.

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